Meet Us

“We work together as Duke and Gypsy, and we bring a little of that to every wedding we shoot”.

Founded in 2013 by friends Giselle Peters and Phill Jackson, Duke and Gypsy are amongst the leading wedding photographers of the Sunshine Coast. They frequently photograph society weddings from Noosa to the Gold Coast for modern couples who are committed to celebrating their journey and the adventures to come.

They work in an unobtrusive way,  are confidently relaxed and sought after for their naturally elegant magazine style of images. They are also amongst the few Sunshine Coast wedding photographers who use professional lighting at weddings. Between them they capture a mixture of naturally lit and vibrant professionally lit pictures – regardless of the time of day or the light levels.

They specialise in weddings and will be there to capture the moments you don’t see, and the ones you want to relive over and over. They can offer you experience and advice on planning, timing and everything else in between.



Giselle has spent her time behind the lens capturing beauty and chasing love and light. Her extensive fashion experience helps make couples feel comfortable, to bring out their best version of themselves. She creates a fashion and editorial style aesthetic to every wedding she shoots.

Prior to life working as a photographer on the Sunshine Coast, Giselle lived and worked in Paris, Tokyo and London as an editorial, commercial and runway fashion model. She was lucky to work with the best creative talents in the industry shooting for magazines including Vogue, Elle, Cleo and more.

When she’s not shooting or post editing, you’ll probably find Giselle in the surf or with her nose in a book.



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Award winning international photographer Phill shoots selected weddings for Noosa Wedding Photography. Phill was one of London’s most sought after photographers, shooting for major corporations, celebrities, even royalty. He earned the nickname “The Duke” after his studio address in Sunshine Beach. He relocated to the Sunshine Coast with his family in 2007 for the lifestyle, though he travels regularly home to the U.K for clients.

His relaxed nature and quick humour turns the stress and nerves of many a wedding day into laughter. Phill’s friendly demeanour belies an enviable technical skill set. He has the ability to light and shoot quickly in any weather conditions, with meticulous attention to detail.

When he’s not shooting or post editing, you’ll probably find Phill in the ocean as he’s a keen surfer.


It’s really important to us that we connect, so feel free to chat on phone, skype or whatsapp