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“Outstanding Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography”

When two accomplished Noosa photographers work together shooting weddings, the results are uniquely breathtaking.

Phill is internationally regarded, Giselle is increasingly sought for her fashion work. Together, their experience and point of view for wedding photography is quite unlike anything else. Phill’s experience, mastery of light and vibrant images are full of joy. Giselle’s style is quirky, unexpected with a fashion edge for images full of emotion.

By working together, they can discreetly photograph so many more treasured moments fully and they are technically unparalleled. They have a proven wedding photography track record, a sought after vibrant style and are great fun to hang out with for a day. 

sunshine coast wedding photographers


Award winning international photographer Phill headlines and mentors the team. Phill was one of London’s most sought after photographers, shooting for major corporations, celebrities, even royalty. He relocated to the Sunshine Coast with his family in 2007 for the lifestyle, though he travels regularly home to the U.K for clients.

Phill’s passion for photography is replicated in the outstanding images delivered through Noosa Wedding Photography. His relaxed nature and quick humour turns the stress and nerves of many a wedding day into laughter. Phill’s friendly demeanour belies an enviable technical skill set. He has the ability to light and shoot quickly in any weather conditions, with meticulous attention to detail.

Phill’s enthusiasm is infectious, as everyone from the office manager through to the post-production team are always excited with every new project. When he’s not shooting or post editing, you’ll probably find Phill in the ocean as he’s a keen surfer.

Contact Phill: info@noosaweddingphotography.com.au or 0416 88 88 68.


sunshine coast wedding photographers


Prior to life working as a photographer in Sydney and on the Sunshine Coast, Giselle lived and worked in Paris, Tokyo and London as an editorial, commercial and runway fashion model. She was lucky to work with the best creative talents in the industry shooting for magazines including Vogue, Elle, Cleo and more. Looking for more of a challenge and less superficiality led her to photography – where creativity and technicality meet. Giselle moved to Noosa with her family in 2005 after studying fine art film photography in Sydney.

Giselle is also highly sought after for her digital marketing and social media visual and content strategy. She continues to selectively work with leading brands, leveraging their visual assets online to engage with Niche audiences.

Being invited to capture and share the candid, honest or styled moments, to portray the unique story of each family, in truth and beauty without pretense, is the best job and most fun she’s ever had.

When she’s not shooting or post editing, you’ll probably find Giselle with her nose in a book or instruction manual for something geeky. You can view more of Giselle’s work at www.giselleimages.com.au


For leading Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographers contact Giselle on 0400 901 927 or email at info@noosaweddingphotography.com.au